End of Days?

Today marks the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. The Donald. Everyone is coping with this in totally different ways, from elation to abject horror. We seem more and more divided, and the language each side speaks is incomprehensible to the other.

The only way to get out of this quagmire of disillusion and angst is communication and dialog. Until everyone can feel like they’re being heard, respected, and understood, we ain’t goin’ nowhere but down. The more we disagree, the more we need to open the channels of discussion, and shut down hatred and reactionist responses.

You can’t tell someone they’re stupid, expect them to suddenly have a moment of quiet self-reflection, and just suddenly agree with you. “Oh wait, you’re right! I am stupid! How did I not realize this before?” Said no one. Ever.

We must dispel and stomp out ignorance. Not by trashing those we deem as lacking. But by lifting them up. By sharing, by finding common ground, and working as a team.

Either way, I’m gonna miss the Obamas in the White House. I look forward to how they will contribute to this world in the years to come.

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