I don’t usually tweet live videos, though it’s cool

meerkatappAbout two weeks ago, a fairly cool live video tweet service was launched, aptly named Meerkat.

Not surprisingly, I started getting lots ‘n lots of hits on my site, from folks who I naturally assume assumed that meerkat.com would be the app’s domain.

Sorry folks. It’s just me. The occasional (annual?) blogger.

Meerkat seems fairly interesting. But it looks like Twitter isn’t that stoked about it.

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  1. tammy says:

    Hola from Sitges Spain! In fact, I WAS looking for the Meerkat APP! (hope you make some PASTA from that!) but kept reading as it mentioned your dad worked at Netscape (back in the day!) and so did I! I was there the same time frame, as I was trying to write websites in Japanese in 1.0 (and it was hard!) and I ended up working at Netscape…all around the marketing department more or less….Sorry you lost both your parents already…. take care, tammy

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