Socialist America!

OK, I stole this from Darin May off of Facebook, but this is awesome:


I know the majority of Americans, even bleeding heart liberals such as myself, are vehemently opposed to a state run healthcare plan in the US. At least that’s what I’ve been reading in the news. Living in Denmark, I feel sorry for the lot of you. We have socialized medicine here, and it’s pretty freakin’ nice. The quality is above the average in the US for sure. Instead of a complex insurance system, paycheck deductions for private employer-organized policies, and all kinds of weird payment rules that are different for each clinic and insurance plan, we have one simple system: everyone gets health care, paid for by taxes. It’s substantially more cost effective. Preventative medicine and caregiving is the norm, instead of expensive emergency procedures when it’s way too late. Oh, any my wife’s maternity leave? 10 months. Which I can share with her as well.

Plus it seems like I’m hearing more and more in the news that Americans are getting tired of Obama. What is wrong with you people? You (we/I) barely survived 8 years of Bush (the worst president the US has ever had), and now you’re complaining about America’s best hope for the future? Get a grip folks! Enjoy it while it lasts, because if you keep moaning and groaning, Palin’s up next.

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