Randy Pausch

I recently watched Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture” from September of 2007. He died a few days ago.

If you haven’t seen his lecture, I encourage you to take the time (over an hour), and do so. We could all learn a little, or a lot, from people like him.

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  1. Crannard says:

    What up Crannard? You in NY or Europe now? I’m in Seattle, married to a beautiful wife (Tanya) with two kids, Francesca and Dante. Heard about the 20 year reunion? I’m not much on social web pages (. . . with a name like mine, I’m pretty easy to find, provided you can spell my last name) and it seems like all will be thru facebook. If you’re planning on going, let me know. Or better yet, if you’re ever headed to Seattle, shoot me a message.

    Marko and I keep in touch periodically, but with him being in Bush country (Texas), it’s been years since i saw him. Hope all is well.

    Anthony Paszkeicz

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