David P. Karlton

Education HARVEY MUDD COLLEGE, Claremont, CA. (Fall 1989-Spring 1993). Bachelor of Science in Biology, with emphasis on marine population ecology. Concentration in French. Dean's List, Spring 1990, Fall 1992.

Courses stressed cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as extensive laboratory work in these fields. Core studies also included classes in computer science, mathematics, engineering, and humanities.

Research Experience Co-published in scientific journal Marine Biology, Volume 128, Issue 1 (1997), pp 127-139. "Genetic relationships within and between clonal and solitary forms of the sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima revisited: evidence for the existence of two species." As part of undergraduate research, anemone samples were collected from coastal habitats and electrophoretically analyzed to determine whether hypothesized speciation (Francis 1979) conclusively occurs between the two forms of A. elegantissima.

Designed and constructed a novel plasmid (pHK1) which would overexpress the mercury resistance gene merP in E. coli., Fall 1991.

Work Experience MediaMall Technologies, Inc., New York, NY. (Sep 2004-Aug 2020). CTO and co-owner. Developing software to bring all Media Center content directly to any Linux-based set-top media device. Technology incorporates PC-based software, written in C#, which enables any Windows XP machine to view and play Media Center online audio and video content, then streaming the media experience directly to software running on locally networked Linux media devices. Solution enables the viewing and controlling of Media Center on-demand broadband content using television and stereo equipment, with the home networked PC acting as media storage and backend. Using Visual Studio, .NET, C++, C#, Qt/E, DirectFB, and Linux cross-compilers for software development.

Kapow Technologies, Hørsholm, Denmark. (Feb 2001-Mar 2004). Worked as a core Java engineer, developing the Kapow RoboSuite software, which enables fast and powerful integration of web based content. Built extensive drag-and-drop visual design environment that enables the intuitive creation and maintenance of web adapters, which automate web interactions to extract and re-use online content and data. Also created comprehensive web integration lifecycle tools to manage web adapters and their collected data. Developed a rich framework of reusable Java Beans based GUI controls, and worked as in-house Java Swing expert for the design and development of all general GUI components and application look-and-feel. Also created an extensive JDBC database integration layer, with seamless and automated interface between Java Beans and all major database vendors (Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Pointbase). Used IDEA IntelliJ for majority of software development.

HiQ WISE A/S, Brøndby, Denmark. (Jan 2000-Feb 2001). Employed as a software engineering consultant for contracts requiring specialized skills in Java programming. Implemented a Java e-business project for a large-scale data clearing house, which involved the upload, processing, conversion, and dispersion of roamer billing data among various GSM networks throughout the world. This development involved the integration of an extremely high-throughput Oracle 8i data source, along with a robust JDBC persistence layer and Java Servlet technology with JSP for frontend monitoring and use.

Previously worked on a complete e-commerce solution implemented in Java. This project incorporated the use of  JDBC for backend storage of consumer and product data, and the Java Servlet API to manage the web-based retrieval and posting of this data. Used IBM's VisualAge for Java with WebSphere for code development and testing.

Netscape Communications Corporation, Mountain View, CA. (Nov 1995-Jun 1997). Software Engineer. Worked on the Internet Foundation Classes (IFC), a Java developer's application toolkit which greatly extended the functionality of the AWT and provided a simple paradigm for writing Java applications. This toolkit was the first pure-Java solution for creating real-world and robust programs. The IFC contained a complete set of GUI components and provided a well-designed framework for how any visual component should be rendered, customized, controlled, and incorporated into an application, and how user events should be managed and propagated in the graphics framework. I specialized in the design and implementation of the entire Menu API.

Early in 1997, mostly under pressure from the development community, the Netscape IFC team and Javasoft's (Sun's) AWT team entered a joint engineering collaboration to create the next generation of the Java windowing toolkit. The objective was to create a pure-Java GUI kit, thereby avoiding the problems inherent in the use of native widgets in the AWT. Many of the features of the IFC were to be incorporated into a new Java API that would be provided directly by Javasoft, as part of the standard Java library. This new API was named Swing, and is now included as the bulk of the Java Foundation Classes (JFC). I worked on this product until the summer of 1997, and focused on the migration from the IFC/AWT Menu system to the current Swing API.

Prior to June 1996, worked as an engineer with the security group, creating software libraries for secure internet communication. Included key and certificate management, as well as cryptography using SSL over TCP sockets. Helped incorporate Fortezza capability into Netscape Navigator and server.

Science Applications International Corporation, San Diego, CA. (Jan 1994-Nov 1995). Biologist and Medical Systems Programmer. Designed and implemented software under Nextstep for a high-performance 96-channel fluorimetric instrument used for biotechnological and pharmaceutical research. Acquired extensive skills in object-oriented programming, using the Objective-C programming language. Created software that combined intuitive user interfaces with extensible hardware control modules, process scheduling, and database access. Also spent time with the mechanical and electrical design of the instrument. Directed overseas customer training in Switzerland for using and maintaining the hardware and software of the fluorimeter.

Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Mountain View, CA. (Nov 1993-Jan 1994). Assistant Master Scheduler. Designed a database query system with UNIX awk scripts to automate computerized retrieval of product information. Dramatically reduced the amount of time spent generating daily inventory reports.

Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA. (Summer 1989, 1990). Worked as an "Explainer" at the Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum.  Helped visitors gain better understanding of exhibits by answering questions and giving demonstrations.

Digital Equipment Corporation, Palo Alto, CA. (Spring 1988-89, Summer 1990). Assistant Systems Administrator. During high school, was in charge of mainframe software backups for Western Software Laboratories. Also helped with general UNIX system administrative tasks.

Special Skills Working knowledge of UNIX (Linux variants, Solaris, IRIX) and Windows platforms. Experience with Java, C, C#, C++, Objective-C, as well as XML, UML, and SQL.

Familiar with spectrophotometry, chromatography, gel electrophoresis (agarose, starch, & SDS-PAGE), HPLC, and micropipette electrode pulling.

Written and verbal fluency in Danish and Spanish, and partial fluency in French.

Interests & Activities Stage and screen acting. Played Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream, performed in English in Copenhagen, Denmark (Winter 2001), and 10 characters in A. R. Gurney's The Dining Room, also in Copenhagen (Spring 2003). Also have appeared as an extra in a number of television programs, and as main character in student films.

Active participant in sports, notably snowboarding, and intramural soccer and volleyball. Ran 400 meters competitively in collegiate track and field, Division III for Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (1989-93).

Electric and acoustic guitar.

Avid traveler. Spent two years (1997-99) touring extensively throughout Europe and South America.