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Naming things is hard

Years ago, when my dad Phil Karlton was working at Netscape, he touted a now-infamous phrase: There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. It’s been fun following this quote on the Internet for … Continue reading

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wait but why?

This website has so many cool posts. I absolutely love this one about time. We often hear about the “humans arrived at 11:59 PM on the Earth’s clock-history”, but the way things are zoomed out here is awesome.

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Not so junky DNA

I knew it! Back in the day (early 90’s), when I was studying biology, the word on the street was that the bulk of human DNA was “junk” filler, and probably nothing more. New research shows that all those boring … Continue reading

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This is great stuff, especially for nerds (like me). Answering your hypothetical questions with physics, every Tuesday.

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Defending Science: An Exchange

Interesting discussion in the New York Times about evolution vs. creationism with the backdrop of epistemology. Note for the unlearned (such as myself): ab initio means “from the beginning”, and modus ponens means inferential logic, that is, “if A implies … Continue reading

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While eating breakfast this morning, my wife pointed out an article in the newspaper about a website ‘Skeptoid’ (, which was referred to as “Mythbusters without the pop”. I checked it out. I love it. For example:

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Anthopleura elegantissima

Those who know me personally know that I’m a huge science nerd. I love science. I probably inherited this feature from my father, who was also a science nut, math genius, and notable software engineer. Even though I live overseas … Continue reading

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