Cried all night!

I can’t remember the last time I was so proud to be an American. But this past Super Tuesday, I stayed up til the wee hours; well past late autumn Danish sunrise (FYI: that’s pretty late in the mornin’, considering our geographic latitude and time of year). I watched in silent, tearful jubilation as Obama won the presidency of the United States. (I was only being quiet because my wife was sound asleep on the couch, though I did wake her for his victory speech.)

Wait a second. Double take. Did I just write what I think I wrote? Barack Obama was really just elected as president? [Pinches self.] As in, President with a capital ‘P’? No way!


Dude! Sweet!

What a great moment in history. I’ve been a huge fan of Barack Obama since he glided onto the political scene at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. From that moment on, I hoped, along with others, that this man could and would be a contender for America’s highest post. He just… had… it. Whatever it is. Charisma. Brains. Rhetorical skillz. A wonderful heritage of race and culture. BAM. I was sold. I still am sold.

Anyway, it feels awesome to have cared so much about this election. And to see so many other people caring. I love that. I love feeling hope, in myself, and feeling it from others. Awesome, I say!

In any case, Danes are Obamagaga. He couldn’t be much more popular here. Many of my friends subscribe to the notion that if Obama were to be elected, the world would just be, well, a better place. It’s amazing how the general Danish view of the U.S. of A. has completely changed from woeful disdain to sparkly optimism, all in the course of just a few days. Did I say this is awesome? Awesome, I say.

I’m sure I’ll write more in the coming weeks and months, since I’m so positively inspired.

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