Congress + Baseball = ?

OK, I really don’t get it. Why in the world is Congress investigating baseball? What do legislators have anything to do with sports? Someone please explain this to me. I’m begging you.

As far as I understand how the U.S. government works, it is the responsibility of Congress to enact laws that serve the interest of the American people. I don’t recall learning in high school how Congress should lead “task forces” that investigate whether or not professional baseball players use anabolic steroids. I’m… so confused.

It seems like the illegal use of steroids should be taken up by the executive branch of the government (i.e. cops), or by MLB, or by ESPN for that matter. But my friendly neighborhood Representative? Give me a break. For the love of God and Country, go write some laws. Stop wasting tax dollars on your ridiculous witch hunts.

Next up: Senator McCarthy determines that 57% of baseball players are also known members of the Communist Party for the Legal Distribution of ‘Roids.

Oh, and I’ll take the peanuts. And beer. Lots of it.

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