Denmark go boom?

I’m actually really worried about the response this time around. It was bad enough last time. So far, there’s been way more protesting (rioting) here in Denmark than overseas. During the past week, youth bands have set well over 200 fires throughout Denmark, burning mostly cars and schools. It’s very depressing and disheartening. I have trouble sympathizing with those who promote violence.

More here and here.

[19 February 2008] Today the youth from Nørrebro wrote an open letter to the Danish community. Apparently, the past week of rioting and burning was instigated in response to endemic police racism and brutality directed toward the immigrant families, and is unrelated to the reprinting of the Muhammad cartoon. I must admit, I have more sympathy for the former than the latter. Can’t we all just get along?

[4 March 2008] Well, I’m not really sure what’s going on anymore. There is still scattered violence and arson occurring across this little Land of Hamlet. Young people, the majority of whom are children of immigrant families, largely from the Middle East, are unhappy about something(s). There just hasn’t been a clear message as to what it is. Maybe racism. Maybe the Muhammad cartoons. Maybe the gross failures in the integration system. Maybe basic cultural conflict. Maybe rampaging hormones. I just wish it would all stop.

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