cebit01.jpgA couple of weeks ago, I was at Centrum der ro- und Informationstechnik in Hanover, Germany. We were being showcased by AMD as part of their AMD Live! Active TV solution.

After having attended CES twice in Las Vegas, I have to say that CeBIT was an exceptionally better experience.

First off, it’s huge — but at the same time, much easier to swallow. It’s more like a college campus (albeit a huge college). Each hall has lots of windows, even on the roofs. So, there is tons of natural light streaming in. It makes the day much more comfortable.

There is less security, which makes the atmosphere a bit more open and relaxed. And there is a lot less stress. I guess it’s part of the European work ethic, where life is more than your job.

The parties are actually on the show floor itself, hosted at the booths themselves. The food is better. There are decent restaurants and beer halls on the campus itself. Many of the hosted booths have little “cafes”, where there is wait-staff who serve coffee and soda.

There are tons more places to sit. Comfort is key.

I love CeBIT. I hate CES.

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